2 nd Shorterm course on 
              Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) &

6th to 10 th July 2015

Indian Institute of Technology Indore   

Objective of the Course

                     Micro electromechanical systems (MEMS) present a unique platform where both electrical and mechanical components are fabricated on the substrate, with the advent of nanotechnology and rapid miniaturization of devices we have entered into a new class called Nano Electro Mechanical Systems (NEMS).

           The progress made in the last two decades in their filed has been declared towards the design, fabrication and commercialization of these micro/nano sensing devices/systems. There have been many developments in the last few decades towards the design, fabrication and commercialization of MEMS and NEMS based sensors. Some of the fastest growing areas which utilize different MEMS sensors and actuators are entertainment industries, consumer electronics, medical, defense, space industries, etc.

               The electro-mechanical device typically  includes actuators, sensors,  transducers, switches etc, these micro device have occupied their own positions for different applications ranging from bio medical, aerospace, defense, energy and day to day life. Mechatronics, MEMS and micro fabrication are interlinked areas, focusing towards the development of micro devices for the benefit of mankind. 


Target Participants       

                               Keeping the interest of serious researchers, faculties, and employees of different institutions, R&D labs and companies across the country, we have designed a unique program on Mechatronics, MEMS and  which cover fundamentals of design, fabrication, and packaging of a complete MEMS device.

Course Details an Overview

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Important Notice : Deadline for the course has been extended to June 30th

Lectures on

·  Sensors and Actuators

·  Pneumatic system design

·  Micro-robotics

·  Mechanical system modelling

· Micro fluidic-system Design

· Bio-MEMS  & Lab on chips

· Signal processing and analysis of MEMS device

· Opto Mechatronics

· Nanoscale Memory devices

· Micro/Nano fabrication

· Bio/Chemical Sensors

· Soft material based opto-electronic sensors

· Device characterization techniques

· Reliability and life prediction of the  device

· micro materials for energy storage 

Hands on Experience 

· PLC based  pneumatic system design

· Opto– Mechatronics  system design

· Control of Mechanical elements

· Laser based micro Fabrication

· Smart material based device development

· Thin film deposition techniques

· Four probe conductivity

· System automation in LabVIEW platform

· Data acquisition and processing


Download course brochure & registration form

Course Coordinators 

Dr.I.A.Palani                                                    Dr. Vipul Singh                                    Dr.Anbarasu

Assistant Professor,                                        Assistant Professor,                              Assistant Professor

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